Closed-Channel Marketing

Channel conflict can be tricky to navigate. You don’t want to undercut your retailer partners, but you want to stay competitive in the ecommerce arena. Creating private stores within your site can prevent any channel conflict and keep your retail partners happy. Our store structure allows you to create any number of private stores only accessible through referral URL, IP address, or email address. Take advantage of our closed-channel marketing tools to make sure you aren’t competing with yourself online.

Sell direct to large employers and affinity groups

Create custom stores for your partners, retailers, employers, or affinity groups. Set up each individual store with custom product offerings and pricing.

Built-in capabilities using a patent-pending process

Each closed-channel store will be accessible only through certain referrals URLs or email addresses that you can set up through the admin tool. Our patent-pending technology also allows you to set stores to be available only through approved IP addresses.

Unlimited configurations and relationships

Set up hundreds or thousands of closed-channel affinity stores. You can create a hierarchy to easily maintain groups of stores, or individually set up each one.