Order Management System

An effective order management system can have a dramatic impact on the logistics of your business. Being able to effectively fulfill, process, and track orders all rely heavily on the order management system to work well. Our order management system is tailored to companies wanting to sell start selling direct to consumers. Whether you are fulfilling orders in house or outsourcing them to us, the simplicity and ease-of-use of our tool ensures orders are being properly managed.

Integrated with Ecommerce Content Management System

Our order management system allows you to look up the status of any order placed on your site. See customer information, track a shipment, or any other order details right in the Ecommerce Content Management admin tool.

Customizable integration with your payment processor and fulfillment provider

Ensure everything in the order life-cycle runs smoothly from taking payment until the customer receives the shipment. Our platform has ready-built integration points adaptable to any payment processor or fulfillment provider.

Suite of customer service tools to enable quick response and resolution of inquiries and issues

Customer service is a major component of any successful ecommerce site. Making sure your customers are happy and responded to are critical success factors that can drive repeat business. Our tool focuses on the ability to respond and resolve any customer service issues that may arise with an order placed on your site.