Customer Care Services

Research indicates that 80% of customers say a customer service agent has a major influence on their opinion about a company. This is especially true in the consumer-focused environment of ecommerce. However, these demands can create pressure for your enterprise. Keeping pace with the technology requirements and associated costs to manage a customer service function in-house for your online store may bring you to the realization that an outsourced solution may better meet your needs. If so, we stand ready to help. We have the right formula to make your brand shine, put a smile on your customers’ faces and make them eager to come back and buy more.

High Tech Support with a Personal Touch

Our integrated order management system provides our U.S.-based customer care team with complete access to order status, product, inventory and customer information, allowing them to offer quick and reliable support to all of your customers’ inquiries. Whether answering phone calls, replying to emails, or responding to live chat, our agents consistently go above and beyond to offer personalized, branded care to help retain and grow your customer base.

Knowledgeable Agents Trained On Your Products

Our customer care agents represent your brand with a level of knowledge and enthusiasm that results in higher customer service scores, better conversion rates, and higher average order values. To ensure differentiated service, our agents receive ongoing, intense, hands-on product training. They become experts in YOUR products. With a comprehensive understanding of your values, your policies and your brand, our agents turn customer inquiries into revenue- and relationship-building interactions that enhance your brand.

Ongoing Quality Monitoring

A key component of preserving your brand is conducting ongoing quality monitoring. Our in-house quality specialists closely monitor each agent’s performance against your brand expectations and incorporate the findings into corrective actions and ongoing training. We employ sophisticated technology that allows for the capture of voice and data for these interactive agent evaluations, and the tracking of key metrics such as average response time, call abandonment rates, and percentage to call-handle times.

Flexible Arrangements

Whether it’s a fully outsourced arrangement where we handle all of your ecommerce customer care needs, or a partnership with your in-house team to co-manage operations based on a tiered-response arrangement, we will work with your to fit your unique requirements. Our goal is to provide a seamless customer service process that will enhance your brand and grow your business.

Don’t put you’re your customer loyalty at risk. Contact us today to discuss how we can support the most important person in the world--your customer.